Dynamic, powerful, revolutionary: Twilio Flex redefines the landscape of customer experience.

With Twilio Flex, we elevate the realm of customer engagement, transforming mundane interactions into memorable experiences for each and every customer. 

Exelab stands as the go-to partner in Italy for embracing Twilio, the world's foremost platform in cloud communications.


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for businesses of all types

A flawless experience for every customer 
Enhanced satisfaction and loyalty
Increased productivity for agents and operatorsi
Reduced management and onboarding costs

An Unfailing Customer Service

Twilio Flex revolutionizes customer service efficiency, ensuring every executive team has real-time access to accurate and personalized data.

Thanks to deep integration with platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, ERP among others, interacting with customers has never been so seamless and effective.


Customizable Interfaces


A flexible design tailored to meet every need.

With Twilio Flex, each team can shape every element of the dashboard based on their own priorities, and manage all types of interactions (WhatsApp, Email, Chat, phone) from a single interface with utmost efficiency.


Anticipating Customer Needs

A comprehensive view on the history of interactions allows teams and operators to reconstruct in a matter of moments,

and with high configurability, it's possible to anticipate every need and address it in the quickest way possible.


Why Twilio Flex is the

Ideal Solution:

for Customer Service Managers

anticipates customer requests

for CMOs

enhances loyalty through an exceptional customer experience

for Sales Directors

greater efficiency and less friction in sales actions, with more opportunities for up and cross selling

for COOs

optimal process optimization



Enterprise System Integrator

Development of enterprise-level solutions for reliability and security

High Specialization

We offer technological solutions in the Customer Relations domain. We are focused on the needs of customer-facing areas. Thanks to our vertical know-how, we excel and successfully complete complex projects with efficiency and expertise.

Customized End-to-End Solutions

We focus on tailored interventions, designed according to the specific operational and organizational needs of the client. Our approach is agile and scalable, enabling us to rapidly integrate every project.

Discover the Boundless Possibilities of Twilio Flex for Your Business!


  • Twilio Flex is not merely a cloud communication platform, it's your ally in creating extraordinary and unforgettable customer experiences.

With its flexibility and customization options, Twilio Flex perfectly adapts to your company's needs, allowing you to transform every interaction into a memorable moment for your customers.