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AI and CRM

How artificial intelligence is revolutionising customer relations

The introduction of AI models makes it possible to exploit large amounts of data to gain crucial insights into one's audience, enabling one to better respond to consumer needs and preferences.


Today, consumers are willing to pay up to 16% more for products from companies that offer them a quality experience.

What will you find inside the White Paper?

We explore how the adoption of AI and Large Language Models (LLM) is transforming CRM.

We will see the benefits in terms of productivity, error reduction, improved data quality, and a more personalised customer experience.

We also look at the impact of AI on different business functions such as Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, with a focus on HubSpot AI as an example of successful integration of AI in CRM software.

The paper highlights how AI can lead to an overall improvement in business performance, emphasising the importance of a strategic and well-informed approach to integrating AI into business processes.






  • Definition and potential of genAI and Large Language Models.

  • Increased productivity and error reduction through AI.

  • Improved data quality and customer experience.

  • Impact of AI on Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

  • Hubspot AI: the future of CRM software integrated with artificial intelligence.